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Senior Democrat Who Insulted Trump Refuses To Back Down, Defends Himself On TV



By now, I am sure all you Blue Side Nation readers will have seen that stirring footage of those valiant anti-Trump protesters marching through the street. Their trademark chant goes: No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA! One would have hoped that in the twenty first century, a message of resisting fascism and racism would be one that everybody could get behind, but that of course would be to forget about the existence of the Republican party, especially in the era of President Donald Trump.

The associations within that chant are, of course, not at all false. Trump is the most right wing President of the United States in a very long time, and the consistent and unwavering support he has received from all manner of far right activists, Nazis, white supremacists and – yes, you guessed it – senior members of the Ku Klux Klan such as David Duke, ought to be extremely worrying, even for Republicans. When the KKK is publicly cheering on your policies, you know something is seriously wrong.

This fact has not escaped the gaze of many of our heroic Democratic members of Congress, not least House Democrat Caucus Chair Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who in a recent interview came out with an insult for Trump that surely made his heart skip a beat. As we know, Trump likes to coin juvenile insults for people he does not like, usually based on stereotypes and prejudices, but the one created by Jeffries for Trump himself could not be more appropriate. He went on live TV and called him “the Grand Wizard of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”.

That’s right. Jeffries unreservedly compared President Trump to a Grand Wizard (a senior rank in the KKK). What’s more, since then, he has been called out on it and refused to back down. In another live TV interview, this time on the Meet The Press program, Jeffries was asked whether he regretted his comment, and his response will have sent shockwaves through the White House:

“Well listen, it’s colorful language. I think that the president is going to have to own his pattern of behavior that has taken place, not year after year but decade after decade. I believe we do need to find a way together to move forward, Democrats and Republicans. And in fact, Chuck as you know, I was able to work with the administration on criminal justice reform, Democrats, Republicans, progressives, conservatives, left and right. If we can do it on criminal justice reform, I think we can move forward.

“I don’t regret the use of the language, but I do think we need to move forward. Listen, America is a great country. We have come a long way on the question of race. We still have a long way to go at the end of the day. We’re a nation of immigrants, some voluntary others involuntary. I think it was Dr. King who said, we all came on the same — different ships but we’re in the same boat right now. I think that’s the way to proceed.”

Wow. That ought to make the President think twice about his choices in future.





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