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Senior Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Went On CNN And Told Trump He’s About To Be Indicted



It feels like about a thousand years ago at this point that the investigation was commissioned by the Justice Department for former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III to be appointed as a Special Counsel. He is, of course, conducting an inquiry into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign in the electoral campaign in the presidential election in 2016 and Russian state actors, as well as supposed subsequent obstruction of justice. More recently, Mueller has made an effort to give off positive signals and indicate that the process is nearing an end, but President Donald Trump is still in the White House.

Democrats are getting fed up. The Democrats have newfound power since they won the midterm elections in November of last year and retook control of the House of Representatives, so they now control a huge number of committees and influential groups and organizations that may have the power to investigate and possibly take down the President all on their own. Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, they are not putting up with any nonsense. The most recent statement, from Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island while speaking to Chris Cuomo on CNN, was even harsher than usual, with the Democratic Senator suggesting that Trump being indicted was not far away.

“I do not at all subscribe to the [Office of Legal Counsel] theory that a president can’t be indicted,” Whitehouse told Cuomo. “I think that if there are crimes that he has committed he should be indicted.”

“I think that the Office of Legal Counsel [OLC] and the Department of Justice bends over backward to take the most executive branch-friendly position that it possibly can,” he continued, “but I think a court taking a look at this would say, ‘No, no no, no, no.’”

Whitehouse continued that Trump, if unindicted, “would create a terrible situation—you’ve got a president who the public knows is the subject of criminal investigation, may very well be involved in criminal activity, and you don’t get a resolution of that question. You don’t get pressure on him to answer questions and get out—that doesn’t seem like an appropriate way to deal with it.

“We are certainly in a mode, I believe, of moving toward indictment and charges of the president. But I do not believe, based on what I know―[special counsel Robert Mueller] may know more―that we’re at the stage of actually being able to make the charge.

“I think that there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that has piled up that one perhaps could take to a jury. But as a prosecutor carrying the burden of persuasion with reasonable doubt on the defendant’s side, I’d want to keep investigating and try to get some really direct evidence.”

This is astounding stuff. Hurry up, we say!





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