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Senior Official Blindsides Trump With Resignation, Underscores Total Trump Administration Chaos



President Donald Trump has an impressively high turnover of staff within the White House and his administration. He has hired and fired so many people that it is quite a challenge just to find someone who has been in their position for more than a year within the Trump administration. Today is no exception – yet another senior Trump official has run into a senior scandal and decided to ditch the current President of the United States and leader of the free world and do what he can to salvage some of his reputation by running away and leaving the administration for good.

Brock Long first became Administrator of FEMA – the Federal Emergency Management Agency (which forms part of the Department of Homeland Security) – back in June 2017, and since then, he has made so many public gaffes and been involved in so many awful scandals that he had plenty of choice as to when he could resign. This is, of course, totally in keeping with the behavior of Trump officials and appointees.

For example, Long was heavily criticized over his handling of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. In fact, intensive examination of just what happened there is still going on to this day, as people desperately try to figure out how it is possible to screw up a simple response procedure as badly as he did. The same is true of the disastrous aftermarth of Hurricane Harvey, and those horrible wildfires in California.

As if all that was not enough, Long has also been very heavily attacked on ethical grounds over using public funds, in the form of government vehicles and government staff, for his own personal usage. For insrance, back in September, it was formally concluded that at least forty trips had seen Long misspend around $150,00 of taxpayer money for inadequately outlined purposes.

To complicate matters even further, Long has been for some time engaged in a “bitter feud” with Kirstjen Nielsen, the Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, and essentially his boss. Nonetheless, in the statement he released upon his departure, Long tried to cover it all up and claim that nothing had gone wrong at all during his time in charge:

My whole career has been dedicated to serving the emergency management profession and I could not be prouder to work alongside each of you as well as our state, local, tribal and territorial partners. You are truly humble heroes that rarely receive the credit you deserve. The FEMA mission calls upon you to be a dedicated public servant and to sacrifice so much of your personal life for the sake of helping others. It is not said enough, but please know how grateful I am for the work you do. It is an honor to serve our country and lead this most important agency.

This is one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make. Thank you for an incredible journey and for the support you have shown me. Whether you agreed with my vision for the Agency or not, thank you for standing with me as we tried new concepts designed to ultimately save lives and better our profession. Together, we have laid the foundation for future successes within the field of emergency management.

This is astonishing audacity. He tries to frame the situation as though all those almighty screw ups were nothing to do with him. He even has the cheek to quote Mother Teresa. This is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the current government of the United States.





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