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Senior White House Official Goes Against Trump On Border Wall: What You Said In Private Is Not What You Told America



It is perfectly clear to anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention to developments in American politics over the last few years that President Donald Trump is a pathological liar. He routinely distorts facts, misreports things and deliberately and blatantly makes things up purely to glorify himself and serve his own political agenda. And this latest revelation shines a brutal light on this in a way that we have never seen before.

The Chief of Staff in the White House is often said to be the person who is truly the most powerful political figure in the United States, simply because of the influence they wield over advisers and aides and people who make decisions behind the scenes, as well as the elected President themselves of course. Until quite recently, Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff was John Kelly, and Kelly has now gone on the record to reveal some staggering truths about what the President tells his confidants in private, versus what he says to his supporters and to the nation in his public speeches.

It seems that the Border Wall – the key campaign pledge Trump made back in 2016 and the one thing that seems to be top of his policy agenda at the moment, to the point of causing the longest government shutdown in US history in a desperate attempt to get House Democrats to fund it for him – has been the focus of an enormous amount of blatant lies from the President himself. While he has been calling it a Wall and claiming repeatedly that it will save America and it is somehow vital for our national security, Kelly recently let slip that in private even Trump himself concedes that this is not even close to being true.

Kelly said, for instance: “To be honest, it’s not a wall.” Apparently, behind close doors, Trump simply calls it “fencing”. Kelly continued: “The president still says ‘wall’ — oftentimes frankly he’ll say ‘barrier’ or ‘fencing,’ now he’s tended toward steel slats. But we left a solid concrete wall early on in the administration, when we asked people what they needed and where they needed it.”

This is, of course, in spite of him having repeatedly and angrily denied reports that the Wall was being downgraded to a fence out of basic logistic necessity. And, indeed, angrily lashing out at reporters and journalists when they dare to ask him questions about it.

How do Trump voters still not see that this man has no intention of keeping his word to anyone?





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