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Solid Evidence Flowing From Cohen Hearing And Could Prove The End For Trump



The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is finally coming to a head, and immense pressure is now piling on President Donald Trump, his White House, his administration, the Trump Organization and the Trump family from all sides. It is now well over two years ago that the Justice Department found itself forced to commission the former Director of the FBI to set up an inquiry to investigate claims that the 2016 campaign to elect then Republican candidate Donald Trump to the position of President of the United States and leader of the free world colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the election result and the White House from rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in a desperate attempt to cover up what they had done.

Very recently, we were all blown away by the testimony Michael Cohen – the President’s former head attorney who has already been convicted by the Special Counsel and his probe team of a whole load of offenses – gave to the House Oversight Committee regarding matters of collusion and lying and how much Donald Trump personally knew about and oversaw. Before that hearing, MSNBC anchor Ken Dilanian predicted a firestorm, but even he under estimated what would actually happen:

“We could have an absolutely dramatic and riveting performance by Michael Cohen,” Dilanian said. “While he’s not allowed to talk about the Russia investigation when he appears before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, he’s going to talk about those hush money payments to women.”

“I’m told Cohen has been prepping with this for a long time, and he knows he’s got credibility issues, so he’s coming with documents,” Dilanian continued, “and he’s got very detailed, sordid and, what (attorney) Lanny Davis has described as chilling stories of what how the president conducts himself behind closed doors.”

Unbelievably, it is now being reported that there is solid paper evidence coming our way which will back up all of Cohen’s explosive claims. Cohen, who was actually an attorney for the Trump Organization but reportedly spent much of his working life collaborating closely with the man who now sits in the Oval Office, has changed his tune quite dramatically ever since he began collaborating with the Mueller inquiry. The President has claimed in response that he is “lying” because he is trying to reduce his prison sentence, but if he really can produce hard evidence to prove what he is saying, that will put an end to that claim once and for all.





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