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Source: Clueless Trump Asked Nancy Pelosi Why Everyone Wants To Impeach Him



President Donald Trump is a typical embodiment of total hypocrisy. If there is one thing we have learned about him from the two years that he has been President of the United States so far, it is that he has no problem whatsoever with going back on his word, breaking promises, saying things that are totally false and just doing whatever is most convenient for him in that moment, no matter the consequences.

A classic example of this is the way he has responded to the extremely serious allegations that have cast a dark cloud over his presidency. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the possibility that the 2016 Trump campaign may have colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal victory in the presidential election. Trump has responded by slamming the press as the Fake News Media and True Enemy of the People simply for reporting on it, and constantly alleging that the inquiry team is full of Democrats (which it is not) and calling it a Witch Hunt, usually on Twitter, of course.

Now, though, the tables have turned. In the midterm elections of November 2018, the Democrats retook control of the House of Representatives, meaning that they now control the committees and command a majority, and therefore have the power – potentially – to impeach the President. This, unsurprisingly, has not escaped Trump’s notice. His response to this threat has been extraordinary – by which I mean, entirely uncoordinated, utterly chaotic and totally random. As is the way with the White House these days.

Publicly, from everything we have seen so far, Trump’s tactic appears to be full on aggression. Let’s not forget that we are in the midst of the longest government shutdown in the entire history of the United States, with Trump repeatedly flat out refusing Democratic attempts to bridge the gap unless they fund his multi million dollar Border Wall project in full. His style has been similar on impeachment: blast the House Democrats, especially Speaker Nancy Pelosi. That’s why we at Blue Side Nation were so staggered when this latest story emerged.

It seems that, while being very aggressive in public, Trump has been playing very different tactics in private. According to reports, he has spent his time in private meetings with senior Democrats begging them not to impeach him. He supposedly said to Pelosi and others: “Why does everyone want to impeach me?” His increasing nervousness about this prospect just goes to show how much of a very real threat it is to his presidency. Come on, Nancy – what are you waiting for?





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