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TAX TRUTH: Trump’s Tax Cuts Actually Increased The Amount Ordinary Families Have To Pay



President Donald Trump has made a very big deal about his tax reforms, calling them the “biggest tax cuts America has ever seen”. He was elected to the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world on a radical conservative platform, meaning that he would supposedly justify his sweeping cuts to vital public services by also cutting taxes, so that hard working Americans can keep more of their own money. However, in practice it has not worked out that way at all. Trump’s radical tax reforms bill has actually made taxes a whole lot more expensive for many Americans, as has been starkly laid out by a recent study:

Much of this had to do with the elimination of personal and dependent exemptions, caps on the State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions, and the termination of the employee business expenses deduction. The SALT deduction cap especially punished families in states like California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York, which rely on higher revenues and — likely not coincidentally — voted in large numbers for Trump’s opponent in 2016. An estimated 1,736,118 Californians and 1,211,721 New Yorkers saw tax increases, while just 624,481 Texans saw increases.

Steve Wamhoff, who authored the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy’s study, told ThinkProgress that the 10 million estimate is correct. “Most families did receive a tax cut from the Trump tax law,” he observed. “The real problem is that vast majority of the tax cuts went to people who do not need help. Half the tax cuts went to the richest five percent, which about a quarter going to the richest one percent. Those among the top five percent got bigger tax cuts not just in dollar terms but even when measured as a share of their total income.”

That’s right. The big tax cuts bill that the President never shuts up about actually caused taxes to go up for those who can afford it least. This is, of course, perfectly in keeping with the trend of an administration that has consistently made life harder for the most oppressed and vulnerable groups in America. What is so shocking about this is the dishonesty. Many of these people will have voted Trump into office back in the first place, and will continue to support him, and will even vote for him again next year. Yet, thanks to his mass misinformation campaign, they do not even know how screwed they are being by his very own policies.





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