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The Democrats Are About To Take Power Back From The Republicans The Most Unexpected Place Possible



Political prognosticators across the U.S. are seeing signs that a “blue wave” is set to overtake Congress in the 2018 elections, barring a radical shift in the public’s opinions between then and now.

Polls are demonstrating that Democrats are ahead of Republicans on a generic ballot, and recent electoral results have shown that liberal candidates can flip even the “reddest” of districts throughout the country. With Democrats only needing 24 seats to win back the House of Representatives, the prospects are very real.

More signs than that have emerged signaling the blue wave is a real phenomenon set to happen. The Cook Political Report, for example, one of the most respected predictors of elections in the U.S., shows at this time that 18 Republican-held seats are currently “toss-up” races. Six other seats held by retiring Republicans are now sitting in the “lean Democratic” column by Cook.

The Cook Political Report moved 21 House race ratings this morning alone, shifting all 21 of those contests in a direction favorable for Democrats. The organization cautions that Democrats are still facing an uphill battle due to gerrymandering — “Democrats probably need at least a six or seven point lead on the generic ballot to win the majority, thanks to the GOP’s redistricting edge,” the site wrote — but in terms of fundraising, Democrats are outpacing their Republican counterparts. Cook also reemphasizes that Democrats are showing promising outcomes in hard-to-win places.

Which is why it should not be all that surprising to see that Democrats pushing hard in the months ahead. NBC News is reporting that Democratic House candidates are targeting over 100 GOP-held seats in this year’s upcoming midterm elections. That’s the most they’ve gone after in a decade, one source told the news agency.

A decade ago, Democrats retained control of Congress and expanded their seat totals in both the House and Senate. We also saw the election of Barack Obama to the presidency.

If the outcome of this election mirrors that one, Democrats should be able to control one of the branches of government, becoming an effective check on the presidency of Donald Trump.





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