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The Democrats Have Announced Their Own Memo And The GOP Is Freaking Out



Democrats in Congress are urging a House committee to release their version of a controversial memo, to refute misleading statements and discrepancies in a document they de-classified last week.

A Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee spoke with NBC’s  Kasie Hunt about the de-classified Republican memo.  Unimpressed with the findings of the Nunes Memo — as was most of America — Rep. Denny Heck (D-WA) explained that the GOP released the document for no other apparent reason than to help President Donald Trump.

“I think the Republican memo has been revealed broadly and deeply for exactly what it is, which is as a political document whose sole purpose frankly is to frame the FBI for doing their job,” Heck said.

Heck cited the fact that Republicans couldn’t wait a couple of days for the Democratic response memo to be completed, and that they couldn’t give a reasonable answer as to why they had an urgent need to release their memo immediately.

Republicans on the committee couldn’t answer, “‘What harm would be done by waiting a few more days?'” Heck explained. “They had no answer to that.”

Heck seems to be right in his assessments — the Republican memo, which doesn’t do much to clear Trump of wrongdoing, seems to actually corroborate key elements of the timeline of the Russia investigation, including pointing out that the so-called Steele dossier wasn’t the catalyst for the FBI opening an investigation into the Trump campaign, a contention that many Republicans had been making for some time.

Several aspects within the Republican-released memo last week are wrong or misleading, Democrats contend. Heck claims that their memo would seek to clear things up.

“It’s a point-by-point refutation of the basically propaganda talking points in the Republican memo,” Heck said.

Republicans shouldn’t be fearful of releasing the Democratic version of the memo — unless they think it will expose them for the frauds they are. If that’s the case, then they have every reason to be fearful. Unfortunately, they have no argument to rest upon when it comes to why they shouldn’t allow the Democratic memo to be released as well.





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