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The GOP’s Racist New Campaign Ad Uses A Dead Man Without Widow’s Consent To Further Political Agenda



The Republican party, under the leadership of President Donald Trump, has plunged new depths of indecency. Thanks to the man who is somehow still the President of the United States and leader of the free world and continues to rule over us from the Oval Office, many horrid aspects of discourse have been made public and mainstream and are now considered acceptable by many, especially on the right.

This came to light in the most brutal and awful way recently, when a GOP Senate candidate created a campaign ad featuring a deceased man, to the horror of his widow. Jeffrey Monroe was an Uber driver and was killed in what is thought to have been a drunken driving accident. Also featured was a man who played for the Indianapolis Colts, along with the Guatemalan immigrant who is alleged to have killed them (and has been charged with their deaths).

Deb Monroe, Jeffrey’s widow, said in an interview recently that she was “devastated” by what had happened, and called on Republican US Senate candidate Mike Braun to take his ad off the air with immediate effect. She said: “Why would you do this? He has not even been in the ground two weeks. You could have had the decency to wait and let us deal with our loss.”

Braun, whose voice can be heard narrating the ad, has not only failed to take it off the air as requested, but has also not had the courtesy to reply to Monroe about her concerns at all. In the ad, he can be heard saying: “Politicians in Washington have ignored this issue for far too long. We must build the wall, ban sanctuary cities and put an end to chain migration. There are lives at stake.” Shameless political grandstanding using a dead man’s face and causing anguish to the wife he left behind.

Deb Monroe says that Braun is wrong to blame immigration for her husband’s death, despite the fact that the person who is alleged to have killed Jeff is an immigrant. She said: “Immigration didn’t kill my husband. The idiot that chose to drink and get behind the wheel of a 5,000 pound vehicle did. If he had been sober and gone by them on the road, you wouldn’t even know he was in the country.”

Monroe also said that her late husband actually disagreed completely with the very GOP friendly political point that Braun tries to make in the campaign ad: “He felt the wall was a waste of money, that it could be used better someplace else,” she said. Too right.

You can watch the ad in full below.





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