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The Results Of The Mueller Inquiry Are Causing Legal Mayhem Across America



It is now over two years ago since the Department of Justice commissioned the former Director of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller III, to become a Special Counsel and set up a probe to investigate a matter that went right to the heart of American democracy. It had been alleged that Donald Trump was only elected to the high office of President of the United States and leader of the free world back in 2016 because he and his campaign team engaged in collusion with Russian state actors and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in a desperate attempt to cover it up.

Since then, we have learned a huge amount about what actually happened during that election campaign in the lead up to the presidential election of 2016. Multiple senior members of the Trump campaign have been charged with a vast array of different offenses. Even more worryingly than that, details have emerged of what went on within that campaign, perhaps most troublingly of all in relation to the secret meetings held between Donald Trump Jr. and figures close to the Kremlin and the Russian government, all as part of a broader attempt to find dirt on their Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

It was for that reason that everyone in America who cares about democracy and elections was distraught when, not too long ago, headlines began appearing proclaiming that Trump had somehow been exonerated by the Mueller report, along with his entire family. It was not long, of course, before it became clear why this was happening. All we had to go on was a four page document written by Attorney General Bill Barr, a lifelong friend and close confidant of the President, which bent the rules and did not even include a single quote from the Special Counsel. As for Mueller’s actual report, it has still not been seen by anyone.

However, recent reports are suggesting that the true contents of that report is wreaking havoc just beneath the surface by throwing a whole load of very serious legal cases into total disarray. Take, for example the case of Sam Patten, the legal operative exposed by Mueller who is confirmed to have worked directly with Russian spies who Mueller indicted during his investigation. Clearly, there is more that needs to happen here. More indictments must be issued and the starting point is for everyone to be able to read Mueller’s conclusions in full.





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