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The Trump Administration’s Newest Attack Ad Just Blew Up Right Back In Their Face



Trump administration desperately seeks propaganda proofreader. Or at least — they should have done. The White House is still holding out hope the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017 can be reanimated. So, of course, an attack ad was launched.

This one takes aim at the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. In addition to the attack ad’s dubious claims regarding comparison to CBO projections for Obamacare, they also spelled inaccurately, um, inaccurately. Even funnier is that it spelled it correctly once and “innaccurately” in another instance.

The ad basically states that the CBO predicted that 25 million Americans would be covered under Obamacare this year, whereas 10.3 are presently covered in Obamacare exchanges. That disparity, the White House infers, means that the CBO’s analysis of the disastrous repeal-and-replace Senate health care bill should be tossed aside.

In actuality, the CBO’s prediction was based on the assumption that the Affordable Care Act would cause many employers to stop offering health insurance, if they didn’t have to offer it. The fact that did not come to fruition is not a bad thing. Obviously.

Put simply, the Centers For Disease Control estimates that the number of uninsured has decreased by about 22 million since 2013. This is the point. It doesn’t matter whether a person is covered under employer-based insurance, otherwise private insurance, via marketplace (perhaps with subsidy), or Medicaid — they just need to be covered. Period.

One understands that the CBO dealt a likely fatal blow to an already sick piece of legislation, but needlessly attacking the nonpartisan budget office that broke the bad news probably isn’t going to win over anyone.





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