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This One Tweet Is All The Proof You Need To Know That Donald Trump Is Officially Insane



You know, we show you a lot of things about President Donald Trump that don’t really put him in the best light. But can you blame us? The man is a total whack job. Can you honestly sit there and say that the man is sane during one of his speeches? If you can, I think you needs some form of psycho therapy.

The insanity doesn’t stop at his rallies, of course. He is insane in pretty much any medium you can imagine. Non more apparent than Twitter. Seemingly every tweet makes national headline news and not for good reasons. Well, unfortunately, I’m going to talk about another tweet right now. But hooo boy is this one a doozy.

Trump doesn’t just love to tweet his own stuff, he loves to share, or re-tweet, things that make him look good. With the national news the solar eclipse received over the past week, Trump decided to lay this gem on us.

So what exactly are you eclipsing there Donny? Is it the fact that you’re blocking out 8 years of progression in the fields of race relations, science, and acceptance? Is it the blocking out of all other countries so that no one is welcome in the United States that isn’t white? Is it the blocking out of the fantastic job our first black president did when he was give a turd sandwich from a lazy previous (Republican) administration who loved nothing more than war? I could go on all day.

This just proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is delusional. Don’t believe a word the man says. He is officially taking crazy pills.





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