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Thousand Words Not Enough To Buy A Selfie With Paul Ryan



Invitation to TEAM RYAN fundraiser for Knoxville, TN

Tennessee, the 5th poorest state by median household income, welcomes House Speaker Paul Ryan this evening.

Those who wish to be photographed with Speaker Ryan must RSVP and pay the requisite $10,000. The VIP PHOTO RECEPTION begins promptly at 6:15 PM. Romantics of Knoxville will need to RSVP and pay $2,500 for this special date night, as they will attend the 6:30 PM reception as a “couple.”

Please notice the address is provided upon RSVP, however, scuttlebutt points to Cherokee Country Club as the VIP venue. It is rumored that the later reception for the less important persons will be held at the home of Jim Haslam, father of Governor Bill Haslam.

Paul Ryan Protest Rally Information

In contrast to the cloak-and-dagger secrecy of the TEAM RYAN rally details, the logistics of the protest rally are confirmed. “Repeal Paul Ryan; Not The ACA!” is scheduled for 5 PM – 9 PM EDT, at 5930 Lyons View Pike SW.

An organizer of the protest rally, Gloria Johnson, asks, “The family of America’s richest politician has invited the architect of the disastrous AHCA to Knoxville. As a community hit hard by GOP sabotage from both state and federal levels, we plan to stand up for the thousands in this area who stand to lose their healthcare. We plan to let our Senators and Representatives know we see them at this high dollar fundraiser, but we haven’t seen them at a town hall or forum. When will the voices of Tennessee’s working families be heard? When they have $10,000 for a picture with Paul Ryan or $25,000 for a visit with the father of America’s wealthiest politician? $10,000 will supply insurance for a year for 2 people, $25,000 for five. We can’t and won’t pay for access. We have our priorities straight, do they?”





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