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Tim Kaine Explodes On Trump And Blindsides Him In New Interview You Have To See To Believe



Many Democrats, independents, and even some reasonable Republicans are hoping that President Donald Trump comes to his senses and resigns for the good of the nation. But at least one prominent Democratic senator says that won’t happen.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), who ran alongside Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as her vice presidential nominee, explained his opinion that Trump wouldn’t leave the presidency under his own accord.

“That’s completely unrealistic,” Kaine said when asked if the president should resign. “He’s not going to resign because he has no shame. You cannot shame this guy, he’s not going to resign. So I worry less about what the president should do than what the Senate should do.”

Kaine also said that it was too early to call for impeachment of the president, arguing that special counselor Robert Mueller’s investigation, as well as Congressional investigations, need to complete themselves before Democrats (or anyone else for that matter) push for impeachment hearings. “I don’t think you prematurely cut that off and say ‘OK we’re going forward now,'” Kaine explained, adding that “you got to get to the bottom of the investigation” before you start the process.

The Virginia senator is probably dashing the hopes of millions of Americans by saying the president won’t resign. Fifty-three percent of Americans believe the president should resign, according to one recent poll, if allegations of sexual harassment bear true, and 56 percent of Americans think he should quit if evidence comes up that he colluded with Russia during the election last year.

Americans by-and-large already think Trump is guilty of those crimes: half of Americans (52 percent) believe his campaign did coordinate with Russia, and 53 percent believe that Trump did sexually harass or assault the women who are accusing him of doing so.

But while Kaine is perhaps acting as a wet blanket for these Americans that are hopeful that Trump will resign, his commentary also bears some semblance of the truth: Trump is not likely to resign just because it he’s ashamed about his behavior because, as Kaine correctly points out, that’s an emotion this president lacks.

Instead, it will require Congressional action in order to remove him from office — which is why it’s imperative that Democrats take control of both houses of Congress next fall, to ensure that this president be held accountable if and when it’s determined he’s committed a high crime or misdemeanor.





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