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Top GOP Congressman Says Ivanka Trump Shouldn’t Have To Follow Government Email Rules



The many layers of cruel, cruel irony present in the policy and public behavior of the Trump administration are quite a thing to behold. First, they launch a populist campaign to gain the presidency by stirring up hatred and stoking fires of intolerance, including mirroring dictators around the world by strongly encouraging the effective leader of the opposition (Hillary Clinton) to be “locked up”.

Then, they go and do the exact same thing they attacked her for, in the form of First Daughter, top aide to the President and Senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump using a personal email account just like Clinton did all those years ago, which is astonishing given she had just seen her father spend months on the campaign trail ruthlessly lambasting the former Secretary of State for doing that exact thing.

As if that wasn’t enough, we now have yet another layer of excruciating pain to add. GOP Rep. Bob Goodlatte, who is currently the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has defended Ivanka’s flagrant ignoring of regulation and convention by claiming that following the rules is “awfully tough”.

I’m not joking. This Senior Republican Congressman just defended the daughter of the President for risking national security with her incompetence by suggesting that the rules of working for the White House are a little too difficult for her too follow.

“When things like this come up, it’s important people understand, they need to make sure they’re doing what they can,” Goodlatte said during an interview with CNN.

“And it’s awfully tough, as everyone knows, when you’re sending emails about a lot of different things to make sure that you’re doing it according to the rules in the White House or wherever you’re doing it,” he added.

The blatant misogyny that comes through from that statement is astonshing, especially considering that Goodlatte appears to have seen nothing wrong with what he said. Not to defend Ivanka, of course – her conduct was appalling and the fact that the rules might be a little bit complicated is definitely not a valid excuse. If you are going to work in the White House, it is kind of your duty to learn the rules and stick to them. And the rule that says “don’t use your personal email for government business, fool” isn’t a difficult one to get the hang of.

Oh, but it’s OK, because – according to our buddy Goodlatte – Ms Trump’s misuse of email servers was “very different” to what Hillary Clinton did. So that’s alright then.





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