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Top Trump Aides Confirm He Is Campaigning Less And Less For 2020 Reelection Run



President Donald Trump has been very, very busy these last two years. Granted, he has been busy all his life, running the business empire that he inherited from his father, making constant appearances on TV including his own really appalling reality show, and declaring bankruptcy every thirty minutes in a desperate attempt to keep himself afloat despite supposedly being the best deal maker he has ever seen. For the last two and a bit years, of course, he has been President of the United States and leader of the free world, and he has been extremely busy tearing apart the US Constitution, insulting every minority group in America, undermining the integrity of the free press, dismantling vital public services – the list goes on. After so much important right wing work, he might be a little tired. No? That is what a group of his top aides told the press, and it is very, very significant. Here’s why.

If you or I comment that Trump is tired, that is totally normal. We are just detached onlookers making an observation. However, when a collection of his closest advisers and most senior allies go to a top, reliable newspaper – the New York Times – to announce that the President is “tired”, that is incredibly important. That does not happen by accident. It is especially significant because the New York Times is an outlet that has had more of its fair share of spats and disputes with this President, mostly as a result of them reporting facts that happen to be inconvenient to Trump’s cause and him responding by branding them the Fake News Media and the True Enemy of the People. And yet, this is the newspaper the aides chose to go to to make this staggering announcement. Here is exactly what they said, as it was reported by the NYT:

After two years in office, Mr. Trump, 72, is tired, aides said. The unstoppable campaigner, so far, will commit to participating in only one campaign event a day, and recently balked at a possible rally out West during a fund-raising swing.

That is incredible. Trump loved his rallies in 2016, but apparently now cannot be bothered to properly throw himself into his campaign for re-election in 2020. We should be careful of getting too excited too quickly, but it does sound like Trump is considering leaving the Oval Office, or at the very least, not bothering to try to earn another four years in office.





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