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Top Trump Official Quits The White House To Join The Opposition And Help Take Him Down



If there is one thing that President Donald Trump is extremely good at doing, it is running a work environment in the White House that is so bafflingly incompetent and hostile and just generally awful that he cannot make anyone stay there for more than five minutes. The sheer number of people occupying senior positions in the Trump administration who have resigned, or been forced out, or been flat out fired is truly mind bending. It just goes to show how much of a terrible businessman and politician Donald Trump really is.

However, this latest story sets a whole new precedent. It is devastating for Trump in a whole new way that has, to our knowledge, never happened before. Rumors have been flying about relentlessly in recent months that Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was on the verge of quitting from her position. If that does turn out to be true, it is totally understandable, because her job basically consists of taking the flak for all of the President’s constant nonsense and trying to think up new and inventive ways of defending him even when he is clearly lying or just peddling nonsense.

At the moment, though, Sanders appears to be hanging on to her extremely public role in the White House by her fingertips. What just happened within her office, though, will have taken the President by surprise for sure. We here at Blue Side Nation cannot recall a single time in American history when this has happened before, and it is truly breath taking that it is even considered possible within the current climate of American politics: a very, very senior official from the White House has not only quit his role, but crossed the floor and is now unashamedly working for the Democrats, actively campaigning against the Republicans and the presidency of Donald Trump.

Raj Shah was, until very recently, the most senior Deputy Press Secretary, meaning that essentially, if the rumors about Sarah Huckabee Sanders quitting had come true a little sooner, he would have by default become the main face of the Trump administration. And now, amazingly, he has quit the White House, abandoned President Trump and the entire Republican party, and gone to join the Democrats by taking up a job with a lobbying group called Ballard Partners, where he will reportedly work closely with Jamie Rubin, a lifelong Democrat and former spokesman for Madeleine Albright, who was Secretary of State under President Bill Clinton.

That should give Trump pause for thought.





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