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Trump Administration Tried To Sneak This Shady Russia Deal By You, But We Got To The Bottom Of It



In yet another instance to turn heads, the State Department decided to hire a security company with connections to Russia. The United States embassy in Moscow will now be guarded by a Russian company with ties to the KGB. The $2.8 million deal was given to Elite Security Holdings, which was co-founded by retired Russian general Viktor Budanov.

Although the State Department ensures that Elite Security Holdings has been very well vetted and they will only complete security tasks that have been previously completed by local guards hired for the embassy, United States Marines will continue to guard the grounds and high security positions. Elite Security Holdings will also be handling some security measures at three other United States embassies in Russia, not including Moscow.

Viktor Budanov, now 82 years-old, was the head of the Soviet’s counterintelligence KGB and an espionage agent against Western, meaning the United States and our allies, in the early years of the Russian Federation. Budanov also oversaw Russian president Vladimir Putin when he was a young intelligence officer.

And as if this couldn’t get any murkier, the reason the United States needed to contract Elite Security Holdings was because Putin ordered the U.S. embassy to cut permanent staff to 455. After trying to use American companies, Elite Security Holdings was found to be the only company with the correct licensing for all four cities where embassies are located.

With a major United States investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election underway, this feels like a sinister move. Come on, Putin orders a reduction of staff at United States embassies, which already Sounds really really wrong, and then there are absolutely zero companies in the United States to fulfill the requirements? You don’t mean to tell me you can’t see the bright red flags waving? This is off, something is wrong, and even though it will eventually be discovered, whether or not it will be too late is my main concern.





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