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Trump Ally Andrew Miller Tries To Sue Robert Mueller And Got Shot Down Instantly By A Court



If you were President Donald Trump right now, you would have very good reason for feeling extremely anxious. He is the most powerful person in the entire world at the moment – he is, after all, still President of the United States and leader of the free world – yet he seems to be edging closer and closer by the day to the biggest cliff edge in the entire history of American politics when it could all come crashing down.

It all started to go wrong back when longtime Trump ally Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to recuse himself from the investigation into alleged collusion with Russia in the election. Trump was horrified, as you might expect, and was clearly desperate to fire him, which he was finally able to do at the end of 2018 after the midterm elections of that year had passed (and the Democrats had taken back control of the House of Representatives, of course).

Because Sessions recused himself so early on, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein found himself forced to step up and appoint someone to be a Special Counsel, set up a probe and investigate the claims that the 2016 campaign to elect then Republican candidate Donald Trump to the White House in the presidential election of that year in fact colluded with Russian state actors in order to steal the election result from rival Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in a desperate attempt to cover up what it had done.

At this point, Trump allies are falling like flies, so he and his cronies are essentially doing everything they possibly can to undermine Mueller’s power. The latest instance of this involved suing him for being unconstitutional in his role. It went about as well as you might expect, with a federal appeals court producing a unanimous ruling that rejected the claim entirely.

“Special Counsel Mueller effectively serves at the pleasure of an Executive Branch officer who was appointed with the advice and consent of the Senate,” Judge Judith Rogers wrote, joined by Judges Sri Srinivasan and Karen Henderson.

Clearly, there is nothing unconstitutional at all about Mueller’s role. The case was brought by a desperate Trump ally and friend of Roger Stone named Andrew Miller. His lawyer, named Paul Kamenar, said:

“We are disappointed with the decision and will be considering further legal action, whether before the full court of appeals or the Supreme Court.”

You have to admire their refusal to look defeat in the face, if nothing else.





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