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Trump And Fox News At Odds Over Latest Controversial Move, At Each Other’s Throats



President Donald Trump is clearly unsuited for the position of President of the United States and leader of the free world. We can see this very clearly in a million different ways, but perhaps the most obvious and damning example of how his character is the opposite of what is necessary for that job is the way he attacks journalists for simply doing their jobs.

Usually on Twitter, he likes to brand entire respectable outlets as Fake News Media simply because they report facts that are inconvenient to nonsensical points he is trying to make. He even often goes so far as to call them the True Enemy of the People. No wonder attacks on journalists have skyrocketed ever since he entered the Oval Office.

Ironically, if there is one clear example of actual Fake News in America today, it is surely the Fox News channel – the channel that is reportedly the President’s favorite news source. However, reports suggest that their latest controversial move might be alienating their number one fan:

Jeanine Pirro was a no-show on Fox News for the second week in a row after the controversy over her Islamophobic remarks about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). The cable news network declined to offer an explanation for why the host was absent again from her Saturday slot. “We aren’t going beyond our statement from the other week,” a spokesperson told HuffPost, repeating its previous response that it would not comment on “internal scheduling matters.”

The spokesperson noted that it has been reported Pirro will return on March 30 but would not directly confirm whether that was still true. Though it would appear Pirro is under a suspension, the network did not confirm that either. Earlier this month, Pirro sparked a backlash after claiming Omar’s hijab may be “antithetical to the United States Constitution,” posing the question of whether the religious attire meant she abided by Sharia, religious law based on Islamic tradition. In response, Fox News released a statement condemning Pirro and saying her remarks did not reflect its views.

This matters. This is big because it could finally mark the beginning of the end for Fox News and all the vicious right wing propaganda they churn out. It is about time people were actually held accountable for their actions, and evidence has shown that ever since Fox News started ramping up the hatred on the air, hate crimes and violence in real life have gone up considerably. This matters.





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