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Trump Blindsided By Former Aide, Reveals What It’s Like Working In The White House: You Can’t Trust Anybody



President Donald Trump has become known for having an exceptionally high staff turnover rate. In other words, he has created a work environment in his own White House that is apparently so toxic that he simply cannot make his staff stay on and continue to work for him. The sheer number of people who have resigned from his administration, or been fired, or found themselves being indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is truly breath taking.

Recently, we got a bit of an insight into why that might be. A mega leak revealed what Trump actually gets up to in his day to day business as President of the United States and leader of the free world. It seems that the phrase coined by former Chief of Staff John Kelly – “executive time” – gets used a huge amount, since the President spends a staggering amount of time in that phase, seemingly doing very little.

As if things were not already embarrassing enough for the President, another former White House official has now come out to reveal what it is actually like to work direclty under Donald Trump, and it will not make for pleasant reading for those senior GOP figures concerned. Chris Sims recently wrote a book called Team of Vipers in which he explains just how awful the current situation is. He recently went on live TV to explain the key points:

“I mean, imagine working in a place where you can’t know if everything, like everything, you say may end up in the press. Everything you do may end up in the press, every kind of internal conversation about me, or whatever it is. You can’t trust anybody and that’s kind of the atmosphere in there. This one in particular, I think, is particularly disgraceful because it was purposefully done in a way that would portray the president as not working hard. There are a lot of legitimate criticisms of Donald Trump. That’s not one of them.”

This is an interesting line to take. Sims defends Trump and alleges that the whole Executive Time fiasco is not actually as big a problem as it is often made out to be in the news media and in common political discourse, yet still claims that the work environment is chaotic and difficult, commenting that “you can’t trust anybody”.

The mire of the Trump administration seems to get more and more complex every day.





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