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Trump Blindsided By Hundreds Of Subpoenas, Legal Action To Happen In A Matter Of Days



Crunch time is approaching for President Donald Trump and his cronies. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is closing in. The ever-increasing number of former (and current) key Trump allies who have been forced into cooperating with the Mueller inquiry, in addition to the continually swelling volume of damning evidence in the posession of the Special Counsel, suggests that Trump’s days as President are numbered, and that he will be ushered out of office a lot earlier than January 2021.

Things are getting a lot more intense here, and very fast. Special Counsel Mueller is expected to reveal his findings in full at any moment. When that happens, it will precipitate a political avalanche which could well result in the dislodging of this President. Moreover, in addition to a whole bunch of state-level investigations that are currently taking place into various things, there are a ton of budding new House Democrats who are just itching to kick off House investigations of their own into all of the White House‘s apparent misdeeds.

One of these many investigations that has come to the fore in recent days concerns the Attorney Generals of Maryland and Washington D.C., both of whom have just been given the go-ahead from a court to move forward with their case surrounding Emoluments. They have, perhaps unsurprisingly, leapt at that opportunity and produced a huge amount of subpoenas in a very short period of time, creating legal nightmares for many in the Trump sphere.

The civil suit could well be used to pressure key Trump allies to testifying against him under oath, which could prove a decisive factor in any court case that addresses the President directly. If they lie in that situation, they would be guilty of perjury and risk charges and serious penalties themselves. So, they will have to tell the truth, and therefore throw the President, the Trump family, the entire White House and possibly even the Trump Organization right onto center stage.

Various significant companies and business organizations with ties to the case (and to a whole host of officials in the Treasury Department of General Services Administration) have been subpoenaed, at least some of whom will almost certainly back down and dob the President in it. This is not looking good for Trump, at all.





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