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Trump Campaign’s Former Deputy Chairman Is Going To Testify Against Roger Stone, Could Be “Nail in Coffin” Of Trial



In the trial of Roger Stone, one of the most senior Trump cronies, things are looking worse than ever before for the defendant. The case of the federal prosecutors seems to get stronger with every day that passes:

Federal prosecutors signaled on Monday that they could call Rick Gates, the Trump campaign’s former deputy chairman, to testify at two high-profile upcoming criminal trials that resulted from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Gates could get tapped as a witness in the Justice Department’s cases against both former Obama White House counsel Greg Craig and longtime Trump associate Roger Stone, according to a joint status report that says Gates “continues to cooperate” with the government and isn’t yet ready for his own sentencing.

Mueller secured a guilty plea from Gates in February 2018 on charges of financial fraud and lying to investigators. Last summer, Mueller’s prosecutors used Gates as a star witness in the Paul Manafort trial, which secured a conviction and ultimately a sentence of nearly 7½ years against the former Trump campaign chairman. In their joint request Monday for another delay on Gates’ sentencing, lawyers for Gates and the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington mentioned both the Craig and Stone trials as a reason for another postponement. The U.S. attorney’s office inherited many of the Mueller cases since his office closed up shop.

This is the last thing that Roger Stone or President Donald Trump wanted to hear at this moment, which probably means that it is a very good thing for ordinary Americans. The current ongoing scandal over the alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and foreign state actors is a stain on American liberal democracy, and the fact that the sitting President of the United States and leader of the free world, as well as so many of his longtime friends and close allies, is so closely involved with the whole thing only goes to show how far we have fallen.

Roger Stone has been a high level right wing political operative for his entire career, and he has never been in such immediate legal jeopardy as this before. That is why this trial could provide the gateway to taking down even more senior Trump cronies, including the Trump family, and could be the beginning of the end for this fraudulent administration and the damage it is doing to the United States. That is, of course, if the federal prosecutors succeed.





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