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Trump Caught Suppressing Voters, Tries To Justify It By Hiding Behind The DOJ



We all know that President Donald Trump is not the biggest fan of democracy. After all, he only became President of the United States and leader of the free world thanks to some very strategic use of the Electoral College and twisting of the Constitution, since he lost the popular vote by an enormous margin to his Democratic rival, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Even more troubling than that, of course, is the ongoing scandal over the role played by the authoritarian government of Russia in getting him elected. However, in spite of all that endless evidence suggesting that President Trump does not have the democratic mandate he seems to think, he still claims that the establishment is somehow working against him.

Trump, despite being a billionaire at the very peak of the right wing Washington establishment, has the audacity to complain that powerful elites are working against him, and that voter suppression is going on to try to keep him out of office. It is, of course, entirely clear that he makes these ludicrous claims in order to try to distract from the voter suppression and other anti-democratic crimes that he and his campaign team have committed on a repeated basis:

The [Presidential Advisory Commission] was appointed in May 2017 after Trump had made unsubstantiated claims that 3 million to 5 million people had fraudulently voted in the 2016 election. When the commission was appointed, I was puzzled why the administration hadn’t just created a task force from the Justice and Homeland Security departments. The DOJ already has authority to oversee implementation of the National Voter Registration Act, which might give it the ability to solicit the private information in voter registration lists.

In fact, the DOJ already sent letters requesting detailed information from states about how they maintain voter lists. And the DHS has immigration databases that could be used to identify any noncitizens in voter lists. Now, the Trump administration says that DHS will take over, which enables the work to continue without the public scrutiny that a commission attracts. This won’t end the lawsuits, however. There are already questions about whether the voter lists sent by the states to the commission can just be shipped over to DHS or DOJ. Moreover, I and others have argued that the voter lists that the commission has are inadequate for high-quality database matching.

Trump went to extreme lengths to try to keep the lie going, but now it has all backfired in his face.





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