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Trump Claimed Gun Crime Is Going Down, Statistics Show He Lied



One of the issues on which the policy of the White House of President Donald Trump seems particularly insane is the issue of guns. Sure, we all respect our rights as specified in the Constitution, but when you are confronted with incredible levels of gun crime within the poorest and most vulnerable communities, it is common sense to do something about it.

Not only does the Republican party that currently governs our country flat out refuse to do anything about it, but they go even further by claiming that any effort to curb gun rights whatsoever, however basic and necessary, is some heinous violation of the freedoms of American citizens. Trump, of course, does his usual thing of branding any reporting of bad figures on the issue of guns as Fake News and simply refusing outright to actually engage with the problem.

However, damning new figures have revealed the sheer scale of the gun violence problem that we currently face in the United States, and the results of the research are shocking. Take, for instance, the simple fact that the last time America went a whole week without a mass shooting was in January 2014. That is over five years where we have had at least one mass shooting every single week. Just let that sink in.

The most high profile examples are, of course, the ones that get the most press coverage. The most commonly cited ones include the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012, the Las Vegas shooting of 2017, the Orlando attack of 2016, and the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting of February 2018. However, these are in fact just a very small part of the overall problem.

Things are not getting better. In fact, as of recently, they are actually getting a whole lot worse. Over the last year there have been a massive 350 mass shootings in the US. That’s very nearly one every single day, which is just mind blowing. In the little bit of 2019 that we have had so far, 60 people have been killed in mass shootings, and over a hundred more injured.

The reason for this is not hard to understand. America has many, many more mass shootings than any other developed country, and this is simply because our laws around gun restriction are by far the weakest in the developed world. If we just followed in the footsteps of other developed countries like those in Western Europe, which would be extremely easy to do, we could make it so much more difficult to people to take out their anger on others using showers of bullets.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like things are going to change in this area any time soon.





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