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Trump Claims No Russia Ties, Then $50 Million Secret Putin Payment Is Exposed



If you were looking for ways to criticize President Donald Trump and his administration, you would not be short of options. From his horrific policy of separating migrant children from their parents to his boasting about sexually abusing women to his mocking a disabled journalist to his raging and unrepentant racism and xenophobia – the list just goes on and on.

However, politically, if there is one big cloud that has been hovering over the President ever since his inauguration and tainted everything he has done, it is undoubtedly his alleged connections with Russia.

It is widely believed that Russian state actors helped Trump get elected in 2016 using all manner of extremely dodgy and possibly illegal techniques revolving around big data, personal privacy and secret meetings. As a result, an official inquiry into the alleged collusion (and, since then, alleged obstruction of justice by the President) led by ruthless former FBI Director, Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller has already made a huge amount of progress with the probe. That is to say, he has created an enormous amount of headaches for the White House by making moves on several people close to President Trump, including Paul Manafort and George Papadopoulos. And rumor has it that it won’t be long now until he unleashes the avalanche on Trump directly by publishing all the information he has gathered relating to his electoral naughtiness.

In the world of politics, before a big release of momentous information like that, there are leaks. Little snippets of information make their way into public discourse, usually through the press, almost like we’re getting a little hint of what is to come. I can’t tell you how much pleasure it gives me that leaks are now starting to come through about the details of what Trump did in 2016. And oh boy, if this is what’s in the leaks, I would not want to be in his shoes when the bulk of the evidence gets released.

It has been reported that President Trump put in place arrangements to pay Russian President Vladimir Putin the colossal sum of $50 million in 2016.

That’s right. The President is accused of colluding with Russia but he has firmly denied anything of the kind consistently. And now it seems he randomly wanted to give them a huge amount of money, slap bang in the middle of the presidential election campaign.

It seems that the guise that accompanied the payment was that the President wouldn’t have paid personally as it was coming from the Trump Organization. And it wasn’t actually a cash transaction, it was a ‘gift’ in the form of the Tower Moscow penthouse (which is worth roughly $50m).

Except that that changes nothing, of course. Trump’s days are numbered.





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