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Trump Continues To Dig Himself Deeper Into Lies About FBI Obstruction



President Donald Trump and his administration have done everything they can to discredit the FBI. Keep in mind this is the same FBI that released details about its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s missing emails 11 days before the election. She blamed the negative press resulting from this as the reason she lost the election.

Yet, Trump seems to be taking the nonsensical approach. He continually tries to undermine the efforts made by special counsel Robert Mueller and his team by accusing the FBI of trying to cost him the 2016 election.

To lend credence to the cause, his supporters cite text messages exchanged by two FBI agents, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Both of whom developed chemistry and an affair. Why is this important? Well, they were also working on the Clinton email investigation and their flurry of text messages held some insightful information.

The Republicans point to each agent’s dislike of Trump as proof the FBI was doing everything it could to prevent Trump from winning. Take these words of wisdom from Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona.

“Peter Strzok and Lisa Page believed that then-candidate Donald Trump was a threat to this country, and appeared to be taking steps, as sworn members of law enforcement, to subvert the will of the American people.”

You can do better people of Arizona.

Just because someone doesn’t like a presidential candidate doesn’t mean you can accuse them of trying to tamper with investigations. The Republicans offer no tangible proof, and as more text messages come out it’s becoming clear their claims have no basis.

In the latest text messages released, it highlights a conversation between a woman both of the agents knew. They were speaking about James Kallstrom, a former FBI official and vocal advocate for Trump.

The woman didn’t like the way the FBI handled its investigation of Clinton and wanted to place Kallstrom and other officials under the spotlight to try to discredit them. The two agents refused to do so.

If they wanted Trump to lose the election, this would have been the golden opportunity for them to tap his phone or discredit him to the public. Both agents were appalled when the suggestion came their way, illustrating they had no motive to do so.

This proves that once again Trump’s attempt at discrediting an ongoing investigation is more based in perception than in reality.





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