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Trump Could Be Soon Cooperating With Robert Mueller’s Investigation Into Russian Collusion



A huge amount has been said and written about Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s probe into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential election. Quite right, too – if it goes badly for Trump, it could well become the most significant defining moment in American politics since 9/11.

At the moment, everything is sort of on hold. Everybody knows that the midterm elections are coming up extremely soon – next week, in fact – so everyone is holding fire. All parties are waiting to see what happens, so they can reassess and figure out how to move forward from there. Except that Trump just made a momentous announcement on the topic which could change everything.

It has been revealed that Trump’s legal team has been preparing official responses to some questions that come directly from Mueller – reportedly numbering several dozen. They say that they won’t actually submit their answers until the midterms are all over and done with, and that the submission is still conditional on reaching a broader agreement with Mueller’s team. But the language coming out of the White House on this has been very favorable.

“We will probably do something where we respond to some questions.” That was the President himself, in an interview with Fox News Monday. Even though there doesn’t seem to be a formal deal yet between the Trump and Mueller camps, there must be one in pretty late stages of development else he wouldn’t say that on TV. I’d say there’s a very good chance Trump will find himself being forced to live up to that promise in the near future.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, provided a bit more detail in another interview. He said that the answers they have prepared relate only to the very specific question of whether or not Trump and his team colluded with Russia during his presidential campaign. According to Giuliani, they are still outright refusing to answer any questions relating to potential obstruction of justice by the President. (I wonder why that might be.)

Giuliani said that Mueller was welcome to submit more questions for Trump and described the ones he has received so far as “a good sample”. He also said that he expects the whole issue to be resolved by the end of November, which is a very interesting thing to say and implies a surprising degree of optimism

“We have an informal agreement that while negotiating the final details of a Q&A that we wouldn’t comment much, we have been sort of quiet,” Giuliani said. “But I expect a day after the election we will be in serious discussions with them again, and I have a feeling they want to get it wrapped up one way or another.”

Only time will tell what will actually come of all this, and the midterms are likely to be extremely significant. Brace yourselves.





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