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The Trump Era Is Already Ending As Democrats Win Back Two Key Seats From The Republicans



The mass exodus from the Trump presidency and election has begun. And we couldn’t be happier about it.

Even as far back as 2016, when Donald Trump really started to gain steam in the Republican primaries, there was discourse in the Republican party. It took a long time for the Republicans to com on board, but when they did the Trump juggernaut couldn’t be stopped. The voters never wavered. They were always on board with Trump. The “silent majority” as they loved to call it was behind him all the way and that carried him to the oval office. However, it looks like the Trump high is already starting to mellow out.

We now know today that last night two special elections were held in New Hampshire (NH) and Oklahoma (OK). Both of these elections saw Democrats swing seats back to the left that were previously held by Republicans and who voted for Trump in the general election. We cannot begin to convey just how significant both of these seat swings are.

First in NH, Democrat Charlie St. Clair won by double digit percentage points (56 to 44; 12%) over Republican Robert Fisher. This is the first time a Democrat has won that particular seat sine 2012. That should be telling in an of itself, but the true story is that Trump won this district during the election in 2016.

Next, in OK, a red state through and through, Democrat Jacob Rosecrants won his special election against Republican Scott Martin by and even wider margin than the NH victory (60 to 40; 20%). That’s a massive 20% swing. Again, this was a district Trump decidedly won in November (52 to 41; 11%). What’s telling in both of these districts is that Trump’s general election victory was brought on by flipping many Obama wins from the 2008 and 2012 elections. If you look at the election maps, nearly all of Trump’s eventual victory came from those districts and counties. The red states would have voted for Trump anyway, but the swing states and the blue states that went to Trump had the key districts. Seeing these swing back to the Democrat side should signal the beginning of the end of Republican rule.

Steve Bannon’s interview on 60 Minutes actually has a key component to all of this. Bannon said that if the Republicans do not align with Trump on many issues, then the Republicans will lose out on everything they won in November.

Given Trump’s agenda and how he wants to send the US back decades as far as social, international, and personal progression is concerned, I say let them keep fighting it out. If that happens, the Democrats will absolutely steamroll the GOP in the upcoming midterm elections and finally restore some balance and normalcy to this country.

This is a huge win for us on the left, and an even bigger win for this country.





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