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Trump Has Been Colluding With Paul Manafort In The Mueller Investigation



Sources have revealed that lawyers for Paul Manafort (the former chairman of the Trump campaign who just got publicly called out by Robert Mueller for lying to the FBI) have repeatedly briefed the lawyers of President Donald Trump on Manafort’s interviews with federal investigators (and people working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his probe into alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russian state actors, as well as alleged obstruction of justice by the President).

While being investigated for collusion, Trump has been colluding with other parties under investigation. This is beyond irony.

This arrangement, if true, is just plain bizarre more than anything else. Manafort agreed two months ago to cooperate with the Mueller inquiry. Essentially, Mueller showed him what he had against him, and Manafort felt he had no choice but to abandon his loyalties to Trump and help Mueller out with the investigation, in hopes of getting a lighter sentence for his supposed crimes.

Yet, somehow, his lawyers have still been in close cohorts with Trump’s legal team. Some have speculated that this may have been an attempt to woo the President into giving him a pardon if he is ever actually found guilty of a felony. So, he has been openly cooperating with an investigation into the President, whilst also feeding the President’s attorneys information privately in an attempt to keep him on side. Talk about hedging your bets. And with this explosive revelation, you can bet your bottom dollar Manafort has now completely lost the trust of both the President and the Special Counsel.

So, what happened when Trump’s lawyers were confronted with the allegation that they had been colluding with Manafort secretly and receiving information from him? As incompetent as Trump’s cronies are, surely they can see how damaging this could become. So they denied it, right?

Nope. On the contrary – Rudy Giuliani, who is one of President Trump’s personal lawyers, said that the arrangement was totally true and went on to defend it, saying it provided “valuable insights” into what was going on with the inquiry.

Technically, the discussions Manafort’s legal team (including Kevin Downing) had with Trump’s attorneys were not actually illegal, but they threaten to derail the entire investigation. They will almost certainly throw Manafort’s contributions into total jeopardy, with enormous consequences for him personally. In the light of this news, everything he told the inquiry is now tainted. As for the President, we will have to wait for Mueller’s reaction to the news to see how much Trump will suffer.





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