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Trump Has Come Completely Unhinged As Damning New Information About The Russia Investigation Surfaces



President Donald Trump is — and has been, for several months — freaking out about the Russia investigation.

A new report from the New York Times reveals how frustrated Trump was when his Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russia’s meddling in our nation’s elections in 2016.

As the investigation was shifting its focus toward the activities of the Trump campaign itself during the election, pressure was growing for Sessions to take himself out of the everyday decision making surrounding the inquiry. Sessions had been an integral part of the Trump campaign, speaking at rallies for the candidate on many occasions.

But Trump felt as though he needed someone at the Department of Justice standing up for him, despite the conflicts of interest and red flags that would raise. So he encouraged White House counsel Don McGahn to put pressure on Sessions to reconsider.

The pressure didn’t work, and when the attorney general did recuse himself from the investigation, Trump reportedly lost it.

His outrage leaked into the public sphere last summer when reports came out that indicated that Trump wanted to fire Sessions. The president relented, perhaps due to possible backlash from Congress if he did so, but it was clear that he wasn’t happy with Sessions’s decision.

Trump’s attempts to obstruct the investigation didn’t stop there. Aides had to stop him from sending a letter to then-FBI Director James Comey, in which the president described the investigation as “fabricated and politically motivated.” Trump also called Comey, pressuring him to publicly state that the investigation wasn’t looking into the White House at all, the Times reported.

Those moves, and others like them, expose a president who was obsessed with quelling any inquiry into his campaign’s activities. They also exhibit possible (and purposeful) examples of obstruction into the investigation itself, which could land Trump into bigger trouble, including impeachment proceedings.

And it doesn’t seem like Trump’s done. On Friday morning, the president sent out another tweet, this time saying matter-of-factly that the “collusion with Russia [investigation] is proving to be a total hoax.”

No such statement has been made by any individual within the investigation being conducted independently by the FBI.

Trump’s commentary is itself “Sad!” It shows that he’s either delusional about the investigation, or fearful of its outcomes and hoping to turn public opinion on his side (or at least his fiercely loyal base). In any event, Trump tweets don’t prove innocence — and what’s more, they could actually be attempts at obstruction themselves.





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