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Trump Has Shockingly Poor Defense When Hush Money Paper Trail Surfaces



Within politics, it is very easy for disagreement to spill over into resentment. We see politicians or other public figures doing things that we don’t like and we feel a boiling anger towards them. That’s not right, because although we might not be totally comfortable with what they’re doing, they have a right to enact what they believe to be right according to their democratic mandate.

However, that is most definitely not the case with President Donald Trump. Opposing his policies is one thing, but being rightly horrified at the way he behaves in both his public and private life is entirely another. This is especially true of the truly disgusting phenomenon of sexual assault – countless women have accused Trump of some form of harassment or impropriety.

But that is to be expected, right? Trump is a very popular right wing public figure and some women don’t like him, so they make stuff up to try to stop him, we might say. Sure, he has made some questionable off-the-cuff remarks in the past, but making rude jokes and actually attacking someone are two very different things. So there’s no problem, right?

Nope. That is the view adopted by practically the entire right wing Trumpian media and political establishment and it could not be further from the truth or any kind of logic or rationality. There are innumerable reasons why it is perfectly obvious that Trump is exactly the same on a personal level as the horrid public caricature of him that we have become accustomed to, not least the fact that he just cannot keep his story straight when it comes to the women who have accused him of sexually assaulting them.

The narrative that Trump peddles to try to explain away massive payments that his cronies have made to various women (which are clearly so-called “hush payments” following a horrific incident of some kind) keeps on changing, and the President and his employees are continuously contradicting each other. Even if you really, really wanted to believe that Donald Trump is innocent on this, I don’t see how you could. His defense is shockingly poor.

Take, for instance, the allegations made by former adult film star Stormy Daniels and former Playboy model Karen McDougal. While Trump has obviously denied sexual contact with either of these women, there are countless questions surrounding the hush payments they are said to have received. At first, Trump denied any knowledge of them. Then he said he had learned about them “later on”, though that was quickly disproved by leaked audio footage as well as previous testimony from Trump.

And yet this man is our President.





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