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Trump Has Spent Hundreds Of Millions Of Your Dollars On Anti-Migrant Panic



Here at Blue Side Nation, we have been closely covering the story of the migrant caravan (and Trump’s ludicrous reactions to it and use of it to pander to the worst instincts of the American right). It makes for depressing reading – recently, for instance, Trump said publicly that he reckons the caravan is somehow being funded by progressive billionaire George Soros. Yes, really.

His main response to the looming crisis in terms of policy has been to pledge a strong military response to the arrival of the refugees on the southern US border. Essentially, he is planning to send a whole load of American troops down to the border to try to stop them entering the country. Former President Barack Obama comprehensively dismantled all the logic behind that just last week but apparently Trump didn’t hear him, because he is still pressing ahead with it.

Recent revelations may put a stop to it though, or at least make it much more difficult for him to do what he wants. Independent analysis based on data directly from the Department of Defense has revealed that Trump’s proposed deployment of several thousand active US troops and National Guard forces could cost an eye-watering $300 million.

Nobody knows where this money would come from, which is extremely worrying in itself given how ridiculously high that number is. The Pentagon has not yet released its official report into the costings of the operation, but the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments did calm things a little by producing the directly contradictory (and much more Trump-friendly) estimate of between $42 million and $110 million as a cost for the whole operation. (Though that would, of course, be on top of the $182 million Trump already spent back in May when he sent National Guard troops to the border.)

The estimates state that Trump’s proposed measures would cost a total of up to $143 per troop, per day, to cover operating and maintenance costs. Plus, there’s the cost of the use of military aircraft, which would set us American taxpayers back a colossal $136,645 per day.

As it stands, the mission is set to take place between November 5 and December 15. That’s 41 days. Which is where those stupidly high overall costs come from.

Col. Rob Manning, a spokesman for the Pentagon, was asked about cost estimates and he basically said he didn’t know anything. “I don’t have a cost estimate for you, the Department [of Defense] will absorb the cost. Our Comptroller is working through that process right now, when we get to a point where we can provide a number we will certainly do that.”

So that’s encouraging.





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