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Trump Insisted On A Private Meeting With Putin, Intelligence Officials Now Finding Out What Was Said



We live in strange and baffling times. The world of American politics right now is so insane that, quite recently, the democratically elected Republican President of the United States and leader of the free world was forced to publicly deny that he had worked as a Russian agent, whilst also being in the White House. Here at Blue Side Nation, we have still not totally wrapped our heads around how staggering that truly is. The connections between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are deep, numerous and extremely worrying.

There are countless instances you could point do from throughout Trump’s time in office so far, and indeed before that, when Trump has done things that seem to very specifically go against Americna interests and grant undue favorability to the likes of Putin. So much for “America First”. Perhaps the best example of this is the summit held between the two world leaders in Helsinki last year, when the President seemed to give a huge amount of ground very quickly and back down very easily. The key feature of this meeting was that he insisted he be allowed to talk to Putin in private, for quite a long time, which in itself is very unusual.

Now, though, there might be a way for senior intelligence officials to do something that has never really been done before and actually find out what was said in that private meeting, in spite of the President’s staunch objections. A Politico report explains:

Privately, sources familiar with U.S. intelligence capabilities expressed confidence that the so-called Special Collection Service scooped up not only Putin’s readout of the two-hour meeting, but what the Kremlin’s top spymasters really think about it — and how they’re spinning it to their foreign counterparts.

In a way, it is abysmal that it has reached such extreme lengths of disaster in American politics that the officials are having to do this in order to rescue American interests. On the other hand, though, this could turn out to be very good news, since it is the first time in a while that Trump’s power has really been checked.

However, it might not be that easy. Former CIA officer and White House intelligence adviser David Preiss explains that there are some obstacles to this course of action. “Most of the questions about what happened in Helsinki — and about the risks the president created there—are skipping over a more fundamental concern: How can intel officers effectively support policy, at any level, when only the president knows what the policy is? If, one-on-one with Putin, the president made or changed policy, and he refuses to tell anyone exactly what happened, how can the national security bureaucracy prepare the memos and talking points for future meetings to be held about those very policies?”

Only time will tell.





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