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Trump Is About To Try And Abuse Executive Powers To Partially Block The Mueller Report



These are strange times in the world of American politics. We live in an era when not so long ago the President of the United States and leader of the free world was forced to deny working as a paid Russian agent whilst also being President and living and working in the White House. But by now, this is the kind of thing we have become used to with President Donald Trump. After all, this is the man whose election campaign was so unbelievably dodgy that the Justice Department felt compelled to commission an inquiry by former Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III (who has now been appointed as a Special Counsel) to formally look into whether or not the Trump electoral campaign in the 2016 presidential election which won him the White House was engaged in illegal collusion with Russian state actors and then committed obstruction of justice afterwards in an attempt to cover it up. Normal times are out the window – this insanity is the new normal now.

Image: Kevin Dietsch/Flickr

As a result of all that, it should hardly be surprising that President Trump has indicated that he might try to use his executive powers to block bits of the Mueller report from being shared with Congress (when the Special Counsel finally decides to publish his report) in a battle that is already reportedly seen as being inevitably headed to the Supreme Court, meaning it is going to get real ugly, real fast. Rudy Giuliani, one of Trump’s top legal team, has revealed that there is a possibility he and Trump will seek to wield executive powers in a way they have never been used before to simply block Congress from reading large chunks of the report that the Special Counsel has put together.

“We will look at it and see if the president thinks there is a valid claim and if there is, do we want to make it,” he told Bloomberg. “We reserve the right. We don’t know if we have to, but we haven’t waived it.” He also said that the White House would be willing to take this as far as necessary in the courts if it comes to that. In other words, if President Trump decides that this is the tactic he is going to adopt in order to combat the consequences of the Mueller probe, they will not back down. They are intent on seeing this through to the end.

I am truly worried for our Constitution and our democracy.





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