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Trump Is Being Abandoned In Full By The Core Of His Voter Base: “I Regret Voting For Him And Never Will Again.”



Ever since he first became President of the United States and leader of the free world two and a bit years ago, it seems like President Donald Trump has been on a mission to make everyone hate him. His policies have been so destructive to every sector of American society imaginable that it is a wonder he still somehow continues to wield such enormous power from the Oval Office. However, it is looking more and more like his days in power might be numbered, simply because of the sheer scale of the alienation he has managed to produce.

A brilliant report from CNN has delved deep into the Trump heartlands to reveal just how unhappy people are. Presenter Martin Savidge spoke to a host of Midwest farmers who should, on paper, be Trump’s most loyal supporters. In reality, though, they are living through one of the darkest economic periods of their lifetimes, all thanks to the incredibly short sighted economic policies that this President has implemented. Here is how the conversation went down:

GREG BEAMAN, IOWA FARMER: My uneducated guess is that he better hurry up and start producing a little bit, because this negotiation that I’m seeing so far has not panned out.

MARTIN SAVIDGE: You voted for this president.


SAVIDGE: Regrets?


SAVIDGE: Larry Angler adds up the money he expects to lose this year.

LARRY ANGLER, IOWA FARMER: Between me and my daughter together, probably $100,000, $150,000.

SAVIDGE: Did you vote for Trump?

ANGER: I did. I’ll never vote for him again.

SAVIDGE: The financial impact goes well beyond just the farm, though. I mean, when you start thinking about, say, the equipment, the tractors, they’re $350,000-plus to be purchased, so that means the companies that sell them not to mention the companies like John Deere that make them, they’ll be feeling the pinch as farmers cut back.

Then there’s the seed that may not be bought in as high a number, the fertilizer that’s used, you can go on and on, the banks that float the loans to pay for everything. It will ripple across the United States in ways that many people who aren’t connected to farming have no idea how it’s going to hurt them as well.

Wow. You can watch the full clip below. It is staggering to see just how angry these people are. If Trump cannot retain their support, it seems like winning a second term in office might be an impossible task.





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