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Trump Is Blackmailing His Own Officials So They Don’t Release What Goes On In The White House



It is pretty much beyond belief for most sensible, straight thinking people to choose to work in the White House while Donald Trump is still somehow President of the United States and leader of the free world. We can be pretty confident that Trump is one of the worst bosses there is just from the public sections of his track record, and even more so when he is in the White House so the attention of the whole world is on him.

This is the guy who has gone on record proudly boasting about having physically assaulted journalists, and who loudly calls the press the Fake News Media and the True Enemy of the People amid statistics that show more and more attacks on journalists and reporters. This is the guy who has been accused of heinous sexual assault by countless women. And as for his employees, Trump has kept many of those very reporters busy just with the sheer number of resignations and firings he has had during the barely two years that he has been living in the White House, showing just how much of a toxic work environment that must be.

New reports are shining new light on this situation and making it seem like it might incredibly be even worse than we thought. It seems that Trump is actually threatening his officials and trying to blackmail them as part of desperate attempts to stop them from talking publicly about the intricacies of working for him. He seemingly threatens them with financial ruin if they refuse to sign Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) which effectively ban them from talking openly about what it is like to work in the Trump White House.

The following is a direct quote from a guy called Ned Price, who was a senior spokesman for the National Security Council under former President Barack Obama:

“All White House employees—from senior officials to interns—understand the necessity of discretion based on the fact that they hold positions of public trust, with an emphasis on public. But this White House’s approach to non-disclosure agreements, even for interns, seems to suggest that guarding against criticism of the president and his family—what most of us would consider to be protected speech—is just as important as safeguarding the sensitive information the American public entrusts to the government.”

Wow. This is a whole new level of curtailing free speech and authoritarian government. How long before justice is served?





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