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Trump Is Commandeering The Media To Push His Own News And Propaganda



People like President Donald Trump, who clearly espouse political ideologies that lean to the far right, have obvious tendencies towards policies that are worryingly authoritarian and fascistic. When these politicians are as inept and brazen as Trump, they often showcase this publicly, as he has done on a continuous basis ever since launching his campaign for the presidency nearly three years ago, by constantly referring to the press as the Fake News Media and the True Enemy of the People, simply because they report on things that are inconvenient to him. That is what dictators do.

Well, now that he has hit the halfway point in this first term of his presidency, Trump is stepping this up a notch. It now seems that he is directly copying dictators from around the world such as President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un of North Korea by controlling and manipulating the press in a startling fashion to suit his own ends, in this case propaganda for his reelection campaign that will take place during the presidential election season of next year.

Here’s how it went down. The President tweeted in reference to an article in the Washington Examiner which listed over two hundred apparent achievements of the Trump administration so far, refereed to as “historic results”, citing them as points that would be used by the 2020 Trump campaign to make the case for a 2020 reelection. He tweeted:

“Washington Examiner – “MAGA list: 205 ‘historic results’ help Trump make case for 2020 re-election.” True!”

There is just one problem with this. That list of 205 things from the Washington Examiner article did not come from them and their reporting, as the tweet and the statement implies. Rather, it was fed to them direct from the White House.

That’s right. Trump and his team came up with something they would like to publish and make public for the sake of their campaign, and decided that instead of simply publishing it themselves, they would fob it off to a publication in the news media, so that readers would see it as factual reporting, rather than White House propaganda.

These are the exact tactics of fascist leaders – they gradually corrode the freedom of the press by undermining their authority to report in the news in a factual way and constantly use the lamguage of “traitors” to slander the reporters on the other side of the debate, and then very slowly take over the media for personal usage. And we are watching it happen right before our eyes.





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