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Trump Is Doing Everything He Can To Stop The Public From Seeing His Tax Returns



You have got to admire the determination being displayed right now by President Donald Trump. Democrats have been trying since all the way back in 2016 to get a hold of his tax returns in order to show the American people what their President of the United States and leader of the free world actually does with his money when no one is looking, and he has used every tactic in the book to keep them hidden away in his Tower.

It is perfectly clear to see that Trump is completely desperate to stop the public from seeing his tax returns, which is most likely because he knows exactly what they will see inside them. If you thought the collusion scandal was big, it will be nothing compared to the offenses Trump has surely committed in order to protect his precious fortune that he inherited from his father’s business and added to by making a terrible reality show.

Trump knows that his days in the Oval Office could be numbered if he lets powerful Democrats in Congress get a hold of his private financial documents, so he is doing everything in his power to stop them:

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) can ask for copies of Donald Trump’s federal tax returns whenever he wants, but Neal is in no hurry and seemingly doesn’t care if Democrats don’t get the documents before the next election. Though the law is clear that the treasury secretary is supposed to hand over any returns requested by the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has all but said he’ll disobey the law ― meaning there will be a court fight. “I can’t substitute my timetable for the federal courts’,” said Neal, chairman of Ways and Means, when asked if he thought the case could be wrapped up by Election Day.

“I’ve been very careful not to presuppose a timeline.” Democrats said they’d make the request for Trump’s returns after regaining control of the House of Representatives, but they’ve waited nearly three months to follow through. Neal has said only that he will make the request sometime this year, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has backed his cautious approach. Nobody knows how long a court case could take, though congressional Democrats generally say they figure it will take months if not a year. But there’s never been such a case before.

That’s right. Loyal Trump ally Steve Mnuchin is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure Trump’s finances stay secret. They must be hiding something really juicy in there.





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