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Trump Is Holding The Entire Government Hostage Until He Gets A Border Wall



President Donald Trump has been causing chaos across American government institutions ever since his inauguration two years ago. His ridigly unconventional style has resulted in widespread confusion and often total anarchy within government on countless occasions. But this might just be his most reckless statement yet.

Trump has now said that if Democrats in Congress refuse to grant him the $5 billion he needs to build his ludicrous wall across the border with Mexico, he would be “totally willing” to shut down the government until they pay up. This man is gambling with our nation’s economy, security and future in order to fulfill his insanely expensive, totally ridiculous fantasy to literally block the rest of the world out of the United States.

This threat is not obscure or hypothetical, but very real. If a funding deal is not reached by December 7 (barely a week away) the government will shut down. And this latest rhetoric from Trump signals quite clearly that, in his eyes, “reaching an agreement” means “them giving me everything I want with no strings attached”.

Confident as ever, the President asserted that he was sure he would win the political battle he is carelessly waging with Congressional Democrats on this issue. According to him, recent lunacy at the border in which US troops were sent to greet hundreds of South American refugees with tons of tear gas, has stirred up support for his wall. If you say so.

“I will tell you, politically speaking, that issue is a total winner,” he said.

Trump went on to explain that the eye-wateringly costly project is in fact just one small part of his broader plans to secure the border. He said that the $5 billion is solely to build the literal wall, adding: “the number is much larger for border security.”

As ever, though, things are still totally unclear as to where the President actually stands on this critical issue. As if it wasn’t enough that he appears to be adopting an uncompromising stance on this, he has given directly contradictory messages to different media outlets, just to confuse the hell out of everyone that little bit more.

Despite the above interview portraying Trump as “unflinchingly firm” on building the wall, he did another interview on the same day saying that he might not win the political battle against the Democrats and that he is open to finding an alternative solution.

How on earth that negotiation will actually go is anyone’s guess.





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