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Trump Is Illegally Taking Money From The Pentagon To Pay For The Border Wall



“I’m not sure what kind of chumps you think my colleagues and I are.”

That is a quote direct from the mouth of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who chairs the Appropriations military construction subcommittee in the House of Representatives. This scathing one liner was delivered at a committee hearing on the methods proposed by President Donald Trump’s White House to find his controversial Border Wall.

Despite claiming repeatedly on the campaign trail that Mexico would pay for it, Trump is now having to hunt around the US government looking for things he can cut to pay for the Wall. Despite repeatedly claiming that he is this incredible deal maker, Trump’s tactic for getting the Wall funded seemed to involve invoking the longest government shutdown in the entire history of the United States and then having a massive tantrum until he got his way.

His next big, clever move was to declare a national emergency in a final, desperate attempt to find the money somewhere to pay for his signature campaign promise. Not only does that now look likely to be blocked by the Republican controlled Senate – which just goes to show the sheer volume of opposition the President of the United States and leader of the free world is facing on this crucial issue – but it still means he has to find the cash from somewhere, and that is something he has so far failed miserably to achieve.

His latest proposals involve making use of that national emergency declaration, weaponizing his executive powers and essentially seizing money from other vital divisions of the government including the Pentagon in order to cobble together an enormous one off payment, so that he can finally start building his wall. And this House investigation panel was having none of it.


“What you are doing is circumventing Congress to get funding for the wall, which you could not get during the conference process,” comtinued Debbie Wasserman Schultz, in a state of fury at the staggering arrogance demonstrated by Trump and his cronies on this particular issue.

Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert McMahon had previously told the panel that the Trump administration would not be cancelling any military construction projects that had already been approved by Congress and that money would not be taken away from vital funds such as housing for soldiers. He insisted that that the Pentagon would only target project deferrals with “no or minimal operational readiness risks.”

That did little to calm down the Democrats, who went on to demonstrate, once again, just how comprehensively awful the Trump plan is.





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