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Trump Is Taking Another $1.5 Billion Of Public Money From National Security To Pay For The Border Wall



Once again, the President is taking money from the Pentagon to pay for the Border Wall:

The Defense Department will reprogram an additional $1.5 billion originally designated for other U.S. military projects to help fund President Trump’s border wall, acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan said Friday, a move immediately decried by Democrats as a way of sidestepping congressional oversight. The reprogramming comes in addition to $1 billion the Pentagon pulled out of Army manpower accounts in March that allowed the administration to build another 80 miles of wall on the southern border. Shanahan, speaking outside the Pentagon, said his department will not be reprogramming any more money for the wall.

But he confirmed that $1.5 billion more will be set aside for the border that came in part from “money we were underrunning or saving or whatever terminology you want to use from Afghanistan.” “We have very smart people here in the department, and we found ways to do this without having any impact on readiness,” Shanahan said. The $1.5 billion includes about $604 million that will be pulled from the Afghan Security Forces Fund, which sustains the Afghan military that the United States has been training and advising for years, the Associated Press reported, citing two anonymous defense officials. They said the money was found in a review of the fund’s management, the AP reported.

This is not the first time that President Donald Trump has taken money away from the Pentagon in order to fund his ridiculous Border Wall project. A big part of his populist platform that allowed him to get himself elected to the position of President of the United States and leader of the free world was national security. He promised to fund our defense industry richly and give the Pentagon more and more public money in order to boost America’s military prowess.

However, well over two years into his presidency, it is becoming more and more obvious by the day that his top priority for his time in office is to implement his Draconian racist and xenophobic views on America by bringing out immigration policy back to the Dark Ages and allowing ludicrous racist stereotypes to dictate how he deals with people from elsewhere in the world who wish to enter the United States. The Border Wall is the Trump administration in the nutshell and he is committed to making it happen. Let’s just hope a Blue Wave sweeps him out of the Oval Office before he can finish the job.





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