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Trump Is Trying To Bury The Lawsuit That Accuses Him Of Sexual Assault



Summer Zervos, who appeared on the 5th season of The Apprenticefiled lawsuit against Trump in January. Ms. Zervos’s suit does not center on the sexual assault accusations themselves, but rather accuses Trump of defaming her after she went public with her accusations.

Trump attorney, Marc Kasowitz recently submitted a 53-page filing in New York state court. Kasowitz argues Zervos’s suit should be dismissed because a sitting president cannot be sued through the state court system. Presidents can be sued for their private conduct while in the White House, according to a 1997 Supreme Court ruling. But Trump’s attorney argues that ruling was narrowly limited to cases brought in federal court.

In the filing, Kasowitz argues that Ms. Zervos doesn’t have enough evidence to allege defamation, and defends the president’s rhetoric toward his accusers as within First Amendment bounds for “hyperbole and opinion.”

That’s rather hilarious rhetoric from a man defending an American president whose administration is trying to throttle the Fourth Estate and has said many times that he believes it ought to be much easier to sue journalists for libel.

Kasowitz went so far as to add that Trump’s comments on the trail were “part of the expected fiery rhetoric, hyperbole and opinion that is squarely protected by the First Amendment.”

Several women came forward in October 2016 and accused then-candidate Trump of sexual assault. Trump vehemently denied the claims and, quite disturbingly, inferred that some of them weren’t attractive enough to sexually assault. This suggested that our president may still be down for “pussy-grabbing” but only provided his victim is super hot.

And yet… this is our actual president.






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