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Trump Just Got Called Out For Blatant Lie During Speech



President Donald Trump‘s relationship with the truth is shaky at best. He has no qualms at all about twisting the facts to fit the point he wants to make at that moment, or even contriving new facts out of thin air to somehow attempt to justify his ingrained prejudices. After all, it was the Trumpian approach to the truth that led to the coining of the term “alternative facts”. Throughout the two and a bit years that he has been President of the United States and leader of the free world, President Trump has demonstrated a consistent and proven track record of lying to the public. And the voting American public does not forget these things.

Recently, Trump told the most embarrassing and humiliating lie he has told for a very long time. He is apparently so insanely privileged that he does not realize people can actually verify his statements and expose his falsehoods very easily. This particular case was especially ludicrous because he was lying about himself. He was making false claims that could be completely disproven just by pointing to other things he has said not long ago. In his usual fashion, he saw a story in the news and twisted facts to make it seem like he was on the right side of things and to fit his agenda for the near future, and it backfired in the most spectacular was possible:

President Donald Trump reacted Thursday to news of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s arrest in London by distancing himself from the website that he routinely embraced during the 2016 election. “I know nothing about WikiLeaks,” Trump said when asked by ABC News’ Karen Travers whether he still “loved” the organization. “It’s not my thing.” During the latter months of the 2016 election, Trump offered effusive praise for WikiLeaks’ efforts to undermine Hillary Clinton’s campaign by releasing a cache of emails the U.S. government has alleged was provided by Russian intelligence. “This WikiLeaks stuff is unbelievable,” Trump said during a Florida rally less than a month from Election Day. “It tells you the inner heart, you gotta read it.”

That’s right. Trump, as President, denied having any knowledge of the Wikileaks data published by Julian Assange and his team, despite having claimed repeatedly during his campaign to become elected President less than three years ago that he had actually read that same data in detail. It is this kind of thing that proves just how unfit for office he is.





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