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Trump Just Got Terrible News About The Future Of His Presidency In Landmark Court Case



Being President of the United States and leader of the free world is inevitably going to bring with it a huge amount of flak from every corner of the world, because people love to hate on those who are in power. That is why incumbent politicians always have enormous and very well funded legal teams, so that they do not have to spend all day, every day dealing with the endless lawsuits that are flung their way from left, right and center. This is normal.

What is not normal, though, is being the subject of a huge amount of lawsuits that actually threaten to bring down the government. This is the situation President Donald Trump is in because ever since he announced his campaign bid for the Presidency back in 2016, he has (allegedly) committed a shocking number of appalling felonies. This really is unprecedented in terms of the sheer number of extremely serious court cases and investigations that are going on into his conduct and the deeds of his cronies.

One of the most serious of these cases concerns Constitutional Emoluments Law. The case initially seemed not to be a threat, after the lawsuit challenging the fact that President Trump was still raking in profits from his businesses while in office was thrown out back in 2017 by US District Court Judge George Daniels. However, a new ruling will surely be giving the White House a whole new batch of headaches over this.

A different judge by the name of Peter Messitte has come out publicly to say that he completely disagrees with the initial ruling. Politico reports:

“He just said that in a sentence. There was no analysis at all,” Messitte said after Justice Department attorney Brett Shumate invoked Daniels’ opinion. “There’s very little analysis in his declarations. … I’m not really bound by even the logic at this point, with all respect to Judge Daniels.”

“Judge Messitte also raised the fact that D.C. recently reduced the tax assessment on the Trump hotel. Shumate noted that a D.C. official was quoted as saying the decision was made on the merits, but the judge suggested D.C. lawyers are still free to argue the decision was improper or was made under pressure related to Trump being president.”

This could be big. This new judge might be about to flip the initial ruling on its head, which might spell the end for the current White House, regardless of what Special Counsel Robert Mueller ends up doing.





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