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Trump Just Introduced The Single Dumbest Piece Of Legislation I’ve Ever Seen



Trump wants global warming, and doesn’t understand global warming, that much is clear.

Now, Trump has made it significantly harder to protect against global warming by signing what he deems as a “very important executive action” that will institute a tariff on solar panels imported from other countries.

The plan is to scale tariffs; the first four years, imported solar panels will be taxed at 30 percent in the first year and slowly dwindle to a 15 percent tax. Remarkably, Trump’s 30 percent tariff proposal is lower than U.S. International Trade Commission’s October recommendation; they believed the solar panels should have a 35 percent tax rate attached.

Trump is effectively stunting a $28 million industry, as 80 percent of solar panels in the United States are imported from other countries. The Solar Energy Industries Association projects that this will affect the jobs of 260,000 Americans. Interesting, coming from a President who campaigned on keeping American jobs, and bringing in more jobs.

This whole change after President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement, an international document that sets guidelines for countries around the world to lower their carbon emissions and use renewable resources for energy in order to preserve the Earth for generations to come. However, this may also be Trump’s latest attempt to set a firm line with China on trade, since China is one of the biggest exporters of solar panels.

Regardless of whatever line is trying to be drawn, Trump has still put a huge American jobs industry in jeopardy. That is exactly opposite of what he promised the American people he would do, and it is very clear he is going to continue doing exactly what he wants without regard for how it will affect his country.





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