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Trump Just Took A Massive Hit To His Re-Election Chances In 2020



Women who voted for Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election are saying that they are having regrets over their choice, according to a new study released from Emory University.

Women in the group are particularly disillusioned with Trump’s behavior in office, suggesting that his bitter reactions on Twitter and elsewhere are better suited for a toddler than for a person who’s meant to be leader of the free world.

“I can’t imagine how they let him build a country club — let alone be in one,” said one participant, Annie Anthony, who admitted to the group she voted for Trump. “Adults don’t behave that way. I’ve been surprised that a billionaire would behave the way he has.”

Anthony also took offense to the dumbed-down language Trump uses. “He uses words like ‘sad’ and ‘bad,’” she said. “That’s first grade language.”

For a comparison, here are what some of his women voters were saying before the election…

Another Trump voter was disappointed in how Trump talked big during the campaign but delivered nothing so far in his presidency. “I feel like he told people that he had all these big ideas and big plans, and it just seems to kind of roll to something else. It’s like nothing is ever accomplished,” said Emily Bell.

In all, only one of the 12 participants in the focus group actually praised Trump still. Cynthia Layton explained that Trump’s tweets didn’t bother her as much. The president, she explained, “talks like my neighbor talks to me.”

“I don’t need an elitist person talking down to me,” she added.

But overall, Layton’s opinion was the minority in a group of women who have seen Trump be president for just 300 days, and are not impressed. Trump’s behavior has indeed been irrational, antagonistic, and boorish. It’s great to see that so many voters — particularly those who voted for him — are starting to see the truth, and beginning to question Trump’s competence to lead the nation.





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