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Trump Just Tweeted Condolences After Another Mass Shooting…To The Wrong City



President Donald Trump is facing backlash today after he tweeted his condolences out to the victims of the wrong mass shooting. But while his error may have been technological more than anything else, it does raise concerns over how the president uses social media.

Trump tweeted out his condolences to the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Tuesday night. He had previously done so before, when the people of that community had first suffered the tragedy of losing the lives of 26 individuals in a church shooting. The error was all-the-more disturbing, given that a mass shooting had occurred in Northern California earlier in the day, an event Trump had failed to acknowledge.

The similarities of Trump’s tweet on Tuesday night, the one that mirrored the original tweet following the Sutherland Springs shooting earlier this month, was followed up by claims from social media users that the president simply copied-and-pasted that tweet to issue out a response to the mass shooting that did happen on Tuesday.

But there are some quirks on Twitter that might help explain the situation. I can attest to having personally sent out tweets that took hours (and even days on some occasions) to post. The same thing could be happening to the president’s tweets, especially since he was overseas and may have had some network connectivity issues.

But that raises a larger problem. If the president’s tweets are being delayed through no fault of his own, then any future tweets he makes could have great repercussions for our nation. If Trump tweets out a foreign policy matter that takes days to post, it could exacerbate relations between our nation and others, for example.

One solution would be for Trump to tweet less, and to hold more open press conferences where he can actually answer questions directly from reporters. Since becoming president, Trump has only held one solo press conference with the media.

There are no indications that Trump will do such a thing, however — this is a president who likes to control (and manipulate) the message more than allow himself to be put on the spot. And there’s no sign of Trump stopping his habitual social media use. Both moves make it clear that Trump doesn’t want to put the country’s interests ahead of his own tweeting rituals.





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