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Trump Just Went On An Unhinged Rampage And Showed His True Colors



It was a bad day for the Trump camp. In what was a huge victory for the Democrats, Ralph Northam beat Republican stalwart Ed Gillespie in Virginia’s highly-contested governor race. As The Huffington Post reported, this is the first major Republican loss since Trump became president.

After the stunning win for Northam, Trump used his favorite sounding device to express his thoughts on the race.

Keep in mind Trump campaigned for Gillespie, asking Virginians on election day to vote for Ed so he could improve the state’s poor economy. However, Politico reported some of Gillespie’s campaign staffers felt Trump’s involvement would backfire. Instead of helping Ed, it would encourage Democrats to get out and vote because any endorsement from Trump isn’t compelling at this point, considering Trump has failed—at historic levels—to receive widespread support.

Trump has a stink on him that has fractured the Republican party. Some Congressmen, such as Jeff Flake and Bob Corker have been vocal against how Trump is running the country—to the point both won’t seek re-election because they don’t want to be affiliated with this tire fire. Gillespie was in a tough position. He didn’t seem comfortable wanting Trump’s help, yet the president offered it anyways. And when it didn’t work out, guess who’s fault it was?

This could be a sign of things to come. It could also signal an interesting dilemma for Republicans running for office: should they take Trump’s help knowing how poor his reputation is nationwide?





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